Whether its protection from the hot sun or pouring rain a tent can help make your event more enjoyable. Protect your body, product and customer from the elements by reserving a tent. Seating and capiticy is approximate.
10 x 10 Pop up $50 (Available for over the counter pickup)
Quick, easy and great for registration, tailgating, vending or & outdoor food covering.
Standing room 16 people, chairs only seats 10 people,  Tables 1-2 seats 8 – 10 people.
10 x 20 Pop up $ 100 (Available for over the counter pickup)
When you need something bigger than a 10 x 10 with the same quick, easy setup. Great for festivals, registration, tailgating & outdoor food covering.
Standing room 32 people, chairs only seats 20 people, Tables 2-3 seats 16 – 24 people.
*If we deliver we can setup/breakdown your popup for an additional fee. Please request setup upon making the reservation. If not requested it is not included.
20x Frame Tents

20 x 20 Frame $225

Standing 72 people. Chairs only seats up to 60. Tables 5-6 seats 40-48 people.


20 x 30 Frame $300
Standing 108 people. Chairs only seats up to 90. Tables 6-8 seats  48-72 people.
20 x 40 Frame $375
Standing 144 people. Chairs only seats up to 120. Tables 9-12 seats 72-108 people.
20 x 50 Frame $425
Standing 180 people. Chairs only seats up to 150 people. Tables 11-16 seats 88-144 people.
Frame tents are NOT available over the counter and will be delivered installed/recovered (delivery fee applies) by us. All Frame tents are blackout lining. Capacity limits provided are estimated and will vary depending on the type of event, size/type of chairs or tables, layout and additional decorations/accessories.
Tent Walls 20ft section with Cathedral Windows $30 – $40
6 Globe Light Hanging 20ft Strand $40
Pedestal Fans or Barrel Fans $40
Water Barrels w/covers $10 ea